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#1 – 40 Years of Expertise Helping Tens of Thousands of People to Achieve Better Hearing, Better Life.

Having cared for the hearing health of tens of thousands of people, different generations of the same family, and many complicated cases, you can be assured that you are working with the experts that will help with your challenges – no matter how mild or severe.

#2 – Invented the Most Widely Used Hearing Aid in the World

Dr. Bauman is well known throughout the hearing care industry, one of his most notable contributions was the invention of the Receiver-In-Canal hearing aid – the most widely used hearing aid in the world, fitted to tens of millions of people every year.

#3 – Created Treatment Therapies for Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity

With tinnitus and sound sensitivity being challenges that millions of people face, Dr. Bauman committed a large part of his career to creating a highly tested and methodical treatment approach that he has since been teaching worldwide.

#4 –Authored a Chapter on Balance Related Problems

Dr. Bauman wrote a chapter about balance related problems in the aging population, titled “Vertigo, Dizziness, and Balance”, chapter 11 in New Frontiers in Aging, Olga by Brom Spencer, PhD., Praeger Publishers.

#5 – Personalized Patient Care

Committed to the lifelong passion and pursuit of raising awareness for the importance of healthy hearing, everyone who visits the office requiring help receives it. You will experience the compassionate personalized care received by all patients who work with Dr. Bauman. Patients are truly treated like family; longtime professional relationships turn into lifetime friendships.

#6 – Two Convenient Locations

Our two modern facilities located in Norwalk and Hamden, our newly opened clinic, have easy-access parking, wheelchair accessibility and a spacious waiting room.

#7 – Highly Convenient Tele Audiology Appointments

If you live a busy lifestyle, prefer not to travel, or you are a patient from afar, then you can benefit from Tele Audiology or Remote-Care appointments.

Tele-Audiology allows you to have a one-on-one video call with Dr. Bauman and his team to help with challenges, adjust your hearing devices, or simply seek advice.

#8- Expert Professional Care from a Multi-Disciplinary Practitioner

Dr. Bauman’s unique background in both audiology and electronic engineering provide him with the expertise to understand the true powers of hearing technology, allowing him to make a “smart” hearing aid smarter and get the best performance from the hearing device selected based on your individual needs.

#9 – Personal Knowledge

As a hearing aid wearer and someone who has suffered from tinnitus, Dr. Bauman understands personally, all issues related to hearing improvement and tinnitus. Dr. Bauman’s in-depth knowledge of how the brain functions in relation to tinnitus and sound sensitivity disorders and his thorough understanding of the relationship between the ear mechanism and the brain allows him to provide a comprehensive treatment plan. Consequently, he applies this knowledge and expertise to helping you, his patient not only to hear better but also to better understand what you hear and improve your life.

#10 – Highest Levels of Safety Protocols

The safety of our patients, families, caregivers, and staff is our top priority. We are committed to providing the highest level of hearing healthcare for each of our patients ensuring that you always remain safe. Everyone wears a mask when entering our facilities, all patient rooms, common areas and our waiting rooms are disinfected between patients. We practice social distancing and if you prefer, we have curbside assistance and remote care.

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