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There is a growing misconception that the solution to a hearing loss is simply a hearing aid.

Yet, if you ask anybody who has successfully addressed their hearing challenges, they will tell you that hearing technology is only a small part of the puzzle; the much more important component is working with the right hearing expert. Dr. Natan Bauman explains, with hearing loss you can address the “ear” problem, hearing loss, or address more comprehensively the understanding of speech problem, the ear and the brain.

He emphasizes that there are more than just the “ear” issues to be considered to help people to understand speech. In his approach, Dr. Bauman evaluates his patients considering “the brain” contributions to processing speech under various listening conditions.

The hearing device becomes only one element in enabling his patients to improve their communication needs.

The Auditory and Vestibular Institute of New England (AVI New England) was co-founded by highly trusted hearing care expert Dr. Bauman to continue to deliver the highest levels of hearing care to all who experience hearing, tinnitus, sound sensitivity or balance problems.

Dr. Bauman is one of the most respected and influential doctors of audiology in the world, having changed the course of the hearing aid industry by inventing the Receiver-In-The-Canal, the most widely used hearing aid in the world. He also established groundbreaking tinnitus and sound sensitivity treatment programs which are used by practitioners worldwide.

Dr. Natan Bauman, Jabra Enhance Certified Specialist
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If you are straining to hear conversations, have become dependent on turning up the volume, or have difficulty understanding others when there is background noise, you could be suffering from a hearing loss.

There is no better time than today to start your journey to comprehensive hearing care.

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