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Originally part of Wallingford, Cheshire, CT was settled in 1694, known as New Cheshire Parish, becoming an independent town in 1780. As an early settlement in New England, our community is home to several National Register of Historic Places sites, like the Cheshire Historic and Marion Historic Districts, the Farmington Canal Lock, and the First Congregational Church of Cheshire.

Best known for providing a home to two large state prison facilities, the Cheshire Correctional Institution and the Mason Youth Institution, in the northern section of town. On the lighter side, our community is also known for the Barker Character, Comic, and Cartoon Museum, which houses a large collection of memorabilia, novelties, and ephemera.

Cheshire is a quiet community that features a number of trails and parks to allow both residents and visitors to enjoy peaceful interaction with nature, including the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, which runs through Cheshire along its route between Suffield and New Haven, and the Quinnipiac Trail, which features Roaring Falls. Cheshire Park, Bartlem Recreational Area, Mixville Recreation Area, and Cheshire Community Pool allow for family fun and community interaction.

Better hearing improves your capacity to interact with your community and stay connected with your family for a richer, more rewarding quality of life. Thanks to our co-founder, Dr. Bauman, who continues to have a major impact on the hearing care industry, and our AVI New England clinic in Hamden, residents of Cheshire, CT and surrounding communities have the opportunity to take advantage of our personalized and local solutions to address hearing loss, tinnitus, balance disorders, and other hearing care services we provide.

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Hamden, CT

You can call or visit our AVI New England clinic at:

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Hearing Assessments

A Comprehensive Hearing Assessment: Your First Step To Better Hearing

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In spite of the fact that hearing loss is the third most common physical health condition in America, most people regularly have their eyes, teeth, cholesterol, and blood checked regularly but tend to put off hearing tests as a part of their health screening regimen.

The World Health Organization reports that 1 in 8 individuals experience some level of hearing loss and predicts a doubling of hearing loss cases over the next 30 years, which makes regular hearing assessments a critical part of monitoring your health.

The gradual onset of hearing loss makes it difficult to identify the day-to-day changes, making it difficult for you to catch it in its earliest stages. However, you can protect yourself against the damage by scheduling annual or bi-annual hearing tests.

If you want to know the truth about what’s going on with your hearing or that of your loved one, the only way to measure hearing loss and address it before it creates further damage is a hearing assessment.

Hearing Aid Technology

Select The Hearing Aid Technology That Fits Your Needs, Lifestyle, And Budget

As an engineer and an audiologist who invented the most widely used hearing aid in the world, it is fair to say that Dr. Bauman and his team are well informed with the ins and outs of today’s hearing aid technology.

AVI New England is in a unique position to provide the highest level of insight into the auditory system, the part of the brain associated with speech and language, and the electronics of hearing devices that provide the best solution for your unique hearing issues as well as provide the programming and adjustments to them to optimize your hearing experience.

Today’s hearing technology is incredibly small, lightweight, discreet, powerful, and smart, with the capacity to separate background noise from speech and reproduce speech with a clarity that will amplify your life, maximizing your interactions with family, friends, and neighbors.

In addition, many modern hearing aids include wireless connectivity capabilities, making it possible to directly link your smartphone, television, computer, and other digital devices to your hearing aids for an enhanced hearing experience.

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Tinnitus Evaluations & Treatment

Tinnitus Treatment From Who The Experts Turn To For Help

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If you have ever experienced tinnitus (ringing, humming, or buzzing in your ears), then you already know how the condition impacts your quality of life. It is impossible to escape the agonizing and overwhelming presence of tinnitus, regardless of the activity you’re engaged in or if you just want to relax.

Tinnitus symptoms often go unnoticed or come and go in its early stages, but symptoms like sounds intensifying, loss of sleep, increased stress, and decreased productivity are common consequences associated with the condition. Greater awareness of the condition increases the level of stress, which in turn increases the intensity and greater awareness of the condition, producing a snowballing effect.

With 40+ years as an audiologist, Dr. Bauman has established a tinnitus and sound over-sensitivity clinic that uses proprietary treatment therapies he teaches to national and international practitioners.

If you or a loved one is battling tinnitus, turn to who the experts trust for advice and support regarding tinnitus by scheduling a tinnitus assessment today.

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