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Originally founded as Danovox in 1943, the company’s first hearing aid was released in 1947. After Danavox was purchased by GN, the parent company began producing hearing aids with the ReSound trademark in 1984, releasing its first hearing aid that utilized digital processing in 1992.

As part of the GN Group, a leader in worldwide distribution of hearing aids in 80 countries, ReSound plays a lead role as the group’s innovation leader, conducting medical, professional, and consumer audio solutions research in order to develop, manufacture, and distribute med-tech, hearables, and intelligent audio products.

Clear evidence of the company’s commitment to provide their hearing aid users with advanced hearing care solutions is reflected in ReSound’s guiding philosophy, “Rediscovering your hearing leads to a richer, more active, and fulfilling lifestyle.”

Among ReSound’s leading innovations are open-standard digital chip technology and improved programming flexibility, which first became available in 2003 with the release of the ReSound AIR open fit design, which helped to provide more natural sound and limit the discomfort of a plugged ear canal common among hearing aids prior to its development.

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The Organic Hearing Concept

Thanks to a commitment to keeping nature and science in balance, ReSound developed their Organic Hearing concept, designed to work with the unique anatomy of your ear and mimic how sounds are naturally collected and delivered to your brain.

Organic hearing led to the production of the most intuitive and natural sounding hearing aids capable of delivering a complete sound picture so that your hearing aids fit your lifestyle rather than you fitting your life around your hearing challenges.

Features of the organic hearing technology include Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC), allowing you to select the sounds you want to listen to and tone down the ones you don’t by adjusting sound input intensity, while Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS) technology eliminates issues with howling (feedback) and distortion.

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Basic ReSound Hearing Aid Features

  • Easy adjustment to accommodate fluid and challenging listening environments
  • Open-fit delivery for more natural sound without wind noise
  • Background noise dampening to provide greater sound clarity in noisy environments where multiple speakers are present
  • Up to three days of battery use with each quick charge
  • The capacity to link your hearing aids to iPhone, Android, or other digital devices by using Bluetooth technology
  • Remote Assist app to facilitate troubleshooting and programming support from the manufacturer or your hearing care provider regardless of where you happen to be

AVI New England’s Patient-Focused Hearing Care

A common misconception of hearing care is that hearing technology makes all the difference. Although hearing aids manufactured by ReSound are among the advanced hearing solutions used by our audiologists to help you hear better, the patient will always be at the center of the personalized attention we’re committed to providing.

For more than 40 years, Dr. Bauman (former director of Yale Hearing, Speech and Language Clinic and founder of the Hearing, Balance and Speech Center) has committed his professional life to helping people across a broad range of auditory related conditions, including tinnitus and various forms of sound sensitivity disorders, such as hyperacusis, phonophobia, TTTS, acoustic shock, mal de debarquement syndrome, and misophonia, as well as inventing the receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid, the most widely used hearing aid in the world.

In addition to dispensing and fitting our patients with advanced prescription hearing aids from manufacturers like ReSound, Signia, Starkey, and others, our personalized care includes troubleshooting and technical support, device maintenance, and hearing aid repair for a wide range of hearing aid brands.

Contact the AVI New England hearing care center nearest you in Norwalk, Hamden, and Branford, CT if you believe advanced technology hearing aids might be the best solution to help overcome your hearing challenges, or if you need tech support from one of our hearing aid specialists, by using the adjacent form.

The Importance of Scheduling a Hearing Assessment

Because it is the beginning of identifying the type and severity of hearing loss in order to customize a plan of treatment or preventive measures, scheduling a hearing assessment is a critical step in receiving better hearing care.

Even when a measurable hearing loss is not detected during a hearing assessment, the results establish a baseline against which future deterioration can be measured.

To ensure your hearing health, do not delay having a hearing test. Take the first step on the journey to better hearing and a healthier life by scheduling a hearing assessment today.

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