Over-the-Counter Hearing Devices


Supporting Norwalk And Hamden With Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids

Hearing, if not the most important sense for our survival, definitely can and should be considered one of the most important ones.

Better hearing goes beyond just improving what we hear by also improving our brain function in terms of memory issues and helping with our cognitive processing skills.
But better hearing can also reduce stress, giving us greater confidence in life, thus helping our cardiovascular system. It also plays an important role in our mental status.

When we address our patients hearing, not only do we consider the most appropriate device to help to correct for the degree and the configuration of the hearing deficits, but we also consider all other above-mentioned issues as part of better hearing health.

At AVI, we are here to help you with your hearing journey regardless of which device you choose, be it an OTC or a conventional hearing aid.

Elderly man sat in hearing test booth


“What stood out the most was the “incredible patience and focus of Natan Bauman.”


Michael first realized he had a hearing loss when he was around 60 years old.
When the time came to treating his hearing loss, he was incredibly impressed with the team at AVI New England.
What stood out the most was the “incredible patience and focus of Natan Bauman.”
Since having his hearing aids fitted, he understands much more and encourages others to “talk directly with Natan.”
He rates AVI New England as 10/10.

– Michael Erlanger


“Don’t waste time. Seek help. Dr. Bauman is the right person to go to.”


Josephine is no stranger to hearing loss, often experiencing a strange pain in her ears from time to time.
She had no worries before visiting AVI New England, as Dr. Bauman has been her doctor for 16 years, and she has complete confidence in him.
First impressions wise, she noticed that it was a “clean facility with caring professionals.”
Now, since having her hearing aids fitted, she is “not lost in conversations.”
When asked what advice she would give to someone else in her position, she adds, “Don’t waste time. Seek help. Dr. Bauman is the right person to go to.”

– Josephine Grove

Gentleman holding small hearing aid

Working With AVI New England To Support You On Your Over-the-Counter Hearing Journey

The team at AVI is dedicated to helping hearing-impaired people to improve their lives.

In that vein, we are embracing the new concept of OTC devices, hoping that this will afford many more people better hearing and better lives. Therefore, we decided to start a program that will allow us to optimize the OTC devices by offering our professional services.

AVI is offering the following services to improve your satisfaction and success with OTC hearing devices:

  • Full professional audiological diagnosis evaluation of your hearing*
  • Examination of the status of the ear canal to assure no earwax impaction and ear wax management
  • Consultation regarding various OTC device choices based on your hearing evaluation and based on your lifestyle and expectations
  • Training on proper use and insertion of the OTC devices
  • Various maintenance and service packages options
  • Covered by most medical insurances

Schedule An Appointment To Discuss Your Over-the-Counter Needs

Whether you’ve yet to purchase an over-the-counter device and are looking for support or you’ve purchased a device and need help to maximize its performance, we’re here to help.

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Bauman by completing the form on this page, and we’ll contact you to confirm a date/time for your visit.