Covid-19 Protocols at AVI New England

Covid 19 Safety Protocols

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Patient Resources

One of the positive aspects of the Covid 19 pandemic is the redoubled effort to ensure the safety of individuals in public settings, including doctor’s offices and hearing care clinics.

To stay up to date with the latest CDC government guidelines in your county, please use the CDC tool below.


Though your health safety and convenience have always been a priority, our Norwalk and Hamden clinics have added strict safety protocols to our health safety efforts while taking extra precautions with those we have always followed. Here are six protocols we have put in place in order to address Covid 19 concerns.

#1 – Heightened Sanitation Procedures

Though we have always cleaned the surfaces that our patients come into contact with between appointments, we stepped up our efforts to carry out and monitor our sanitation procedures. Our sanitation protocol includes the cleaning of door handles, chairs, headsets and all other equipment we use with Cavicide.

#2 – Hand Sanitizer on Arrival

To help keep virus spreading at bay, we also make hand sanitizer available at the door so that all patients will take extra precautions before entering our clinic where they have the potential to expose other patients to contaminants from outside our office.

#3 – Our Pre-Appointment Screening Protocol

We monitor the health of our staff through temperature checks and routine hand-cleaning to prevent ourselves from putting our patients at risk. We carry out pre-appointment screening in order to protect us and other patients and kindly request that our patients reschedule their appointment or take advantage of our virtual appointments if you are experiencing a fever, cough, or any other Covid symptoms.

#4 – Disposable Gloves & Face Masks

We make use of disposable gloves and face masks during appointments to protect our team and our patients. This is one more way we provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your overall health is a priority.

#5 – Minimizing the Number of Companions for Appointments

Before the pandemic, we had no problem with our patients bringing children and other family members to their hearing care appointments. However, to limit potential exposure, we are asking that you come alone or bring no more than one person to your appointment, but only if that person provides some form of necessary assistance.

#6 – Take Advantage of Our Tele-Audiology Consultations

In those circumstances when you need attention from our audiologists or other hearing care specialists, but are experiencing Covid symptoms or are in medical quarantine, you can take advantage of our tele-audiology consultations.

Tele-audiology not only serves to keep you and others safe but is another convenience we provide to patients and non-patients. You are welcome to take advantage of this alternative form of consultation to receive hearing care even if scheduling, travel, or other challenges make attending an in-office appointment unworkable.

AVI New England Provides Safety and Convenience

Though we have always focused on maintaining a sanitary environment for our patients and staff, the AVI New England team and I have redoubled our efforts by strengthening our safety protocols in response to Covid 19.

Rest assured that we are doing our very best to protect your health by providing a safe environment in our Norwalk and Hamden clinic as well as offering you greater hearing care convenience through the use of tele-audiology. Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our Covid 19 safety protocols or to schedule a tele-audiology appointment.

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