The decision to invest in your hearing health is a significant one, but it can be truly transformative. Improved hearing can rejuvenate daily interactions, instill a newfound confidence, and help you fully appreciate the symphony of life.

Decoding the Investment in Hearing Aids | New England’s Trusted Hearing Care Experts Explain

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

If you’ve navigated to this page, it’s highly probable you’re seeking clarity on a common question we encounter at AVI New England: “How much are hearing aids?” You may have noticed that most hearing care clinics, including ours, don’t openly display their prices. 

This isn’t done to create a sense of mystique; rather, there are specific reasons for this practice. Understanding these reasons can help you make an informed decision for your hearing health. 

To answer your question without delay, hearing care plans at AVI New England begin at a modest $2,500 and can extend up to $7,000 for more premium options. However, these figures are not absolute and can differ depending on various factors. Now, let’s delve deeper into why most clinics refrain from openly disclosing their prices. 

#1—Your Personal Factors Define the Investment 

When trying to discern the investment in hearing aids, it’s akin to inquiring about the cost of a car. The answer relies heavily on your specific needs and preferences. Just as the cost of a high-performance sports car will differ significantly from a budget-friendly family vehicle, so too does the investment in hearing care plans. 

Factors such as your degree of hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences all play into the final cost. Hence, at AVI New England, we recommend a comprehensive hearing assessment and lifestyle analysis before offering any hearing solutions. This approach allows us to provide the most suitable recommendations, tailored to your unique situation. 

#2—The Investment Encompasses More Than Just Hearing Aids 

A common misconception that we often encounter is the notion that hearing aids are the cure-all solution for hearing loss. However, the reality is that hearing aids are only one piece of the larger puzzle that is your hearing health. 

An often overlooked but vital component of your investment is the time, expertise, and dedication of a team of hearing care professionals. These professionals work tirelessly toward your improved hearing and overall quality of life. The notion is comparable to opting for professional dental care rather than attempting to do dental procedures at home with equipment purchased online. The initial investment may seem larger, but the benefits and results are incomparable. 

Words of Caution 

While trawling the internet for the lowest-priced hearing aids might lead you to an attractive deal, it’s essential to remember that decisions based solely on price often lead to less than satisfactory results. 

At AVI New England, our experience spans over 40 years, during which we have understood that the journey to better hearing is not merely about state-of-the-art hearing aids. It involves forging a relationship with a team of caring professionals who are committed to understanding and addressing your hearing needs. 

We are here to celebrate the good days with you, help navigate the challenges, and persistently focus on enhancing your hearing health. Our dedicated team is at your service, providing ongoing support and guidance to optimize your auditory experience. 

On the contrary, there are businesses that primarily focus on selling hearing aids. While their offerings may initially seem like less of an investment, it’s important to remember that this route often entails compromises. 

How AVI New England Can Help You 

If your search is for a team that goes beyond selling hearing aids, a team that cares about your long-term hearing health, then AVI New England might be the perfect fit for you. We invite you to explore our range of services, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach us at (475) 227-0842 or request a callback here. 

The decision to invest in your hearing health is a significant one, but it can be truly transformative. Improved hearing can rejuvenate daily interactions, instill a newfound confidence, and help you fully appreciate the symphony of life. Here at AVI New England, we are devoted to guiding and supporting you through every step of this incredible journey. 

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Dr. Natan Bauman

For more than 40 years, I have had the honor and opportunity of helping thousands of local, national, and international people to achieve a better life through better hearing. As an audiologist and electronic engineer, I have changed the course of the hearing aid industry by inventing the Receiver-In-The-Canal, the most widely used hearing aid in the world. Additionally, I established a tinnitus and sound over-sensitivity clinic and developed a special treatment program which I have been teaching to other practitioners nationally and internationally. Our practice follows the key principles that have defined my career: an adherence to best practices, use of the latest technologies, and personalized care in which the patient is treated as family.

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