With better access to your sound environment, your brain takes advantage of improved speech sounds and exceptional speech clarity, allowing you to follow conversations with improved awareness, focus, and control.

Oticon REAL Is Designed to Match Your Lifestyle

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“With better access to your sound environment, your brain takes advantage of improved speech sounds and exceptional speech clarity, allowing you to follow conversations with improved awareness, focus, and control.”

If you’re like many people with hearing challenges, a major drawback of hearing aids is a high level of skepticism about how they are going to affect your lifestyle.

Being able to address this legitimate concern allows us to provide you with a variety of advanced technology solutions, like Oticon REAL hearing aids, which are able to match your lifestyle rather than forcing you to conform to the limitations of your hearing loss.

To fully understand how your Oticon REAL hearing aids can work with you rather than against you, let’s take a closer look at the technology they use and the benefits they have to offer.

Oticon’s BrainHearing Technology Improves How You Hear

“Your ears collect sound, but it’s your brain that actually understands it,” says Oticon.

Providing your brain with all it needs to make sense out of the sounds that it receives is the theory behind BrainHearing technology.

How Does Hearing Work in the Brain?

When sound is delivered through the auditory pathway to your brain, there are two brain subsystems involved in the process of understanding the sound signals it receives: the orient subsystem and the focus subsystem.

The orient subsystem continuously scans your surroundings to create an overview of the sound environment.

The focus subsystem selects which sounds to give your attention to while filtering out irrelevant sounds.

Once processed in the brain, the information is shared with other brain centers, like those of memory and emotions.

What If Your Brain Doesn’t Get Enough Sound?

When you’re experiencing hearing loss, your brain either doesn’t receive enough information or the quality of the information it receives is too low to establish meaning, making it more difficult for your brain to orient itself in your surroundings.

As it becomes more difficult to focus on what’s important, other parts of your brain must work harder in order to make up for the deficiency. Several things happen as a result, such as:

  • Conversations are harder to follow
  • Listening takes more effort
  • Mental load increases for hearing

The objective of BrainHearing technology in Oticon hearing aids is to provide your brain access to the full sound environment and support its capacity to work more effectively.

Features Included With Your Oticon REAL Hearing Aids

Built on the foundation of BrainHearing technology, RealSound technology uses the Polaris R platform to boost the delivery of the real sounds of life around you so your brain will have more information to work with.

Improved Sound and Speech Clarity

With better access to your sound environment, your brain takes advantage of improved speech sounds and exceptional speech clarity, allowing you to follow conversations with improved awareness, focus, and control.

Oticon’s Wind & Handling Stabilizer is a feature that helps with improved sound clarity by decreasing wind noise in outdoor environments and minimizing handling noises, like your hair brushing against the device, glasses touching the hearing aid, or other rustling sounds that can distract from your focus during a conversation.

Seamless Connectivity to All Your Favorite Devices

Another benefit included with RealSound technology is the capability to connect to your digital world. With Oticon Real, you can connect to:

  • iPhones and iPads, with your hearing aids working as a wireless headset for hands‑free phone and video calls
  • iPhones and Androids for high‑quality music and video streaming from your smartphone
  • Your TV, using Oticon’s TV Adapter in order to stream sound directly
  • Oticon ConnectClip and Edumic remote microphones to stream someone’s voice directly into your hearing aids during meetings, tours, lectures, etc.

Two Recharging Options

Those who prefer changing out batteries, like with traditional hearing aids, still have access to disposable battery models. For the rest of us, Oticon REAL comes with two recharging options.

Oticon’s SmartCharger features include:

  • A built-in power bank to recharge your hearing aids on the go
  • A charger that is also a portable case that protects your hearing aids and keeps them dry while not in use
  • Full-day use after three hours of charging
  • Six hours of power available after a 30-minute quick-charge

If you choose the desktop charger you will get:

  • A stylish desktop charger that is convenient, easy to use, and reliable
  • Overnight charging that provides a full day’s power
  • No disposable batteries to fuss over
  • Six hours of power available after a 30-minute quick-charge

Oticon’s Companion App for Personal “Tweaks” and Remote Support

The new Oticon Companion app is an all-in-one solution with all you need to easily control and personalize Oticon hearing aids.

This user-friendly app allows you to adjust your hearing profile from your smartphone, has a “Find My Hearing Aids” feature that can help you find your misplaced device, and comes with tinnitus management support.

Another important feature of the app is the capacity to connect with your hearing care provider from a remote location for counseling, troubleshooting, and/or programming support.

Oticon REAL Hearing Aids Available at AVI New England

The unparalleled sound and speech clarity delivered by Oticon REAL hearing aids is exactly what your brain needs to understand conversations as well as stay healthy and continue performing all the functions necessary to help maintain your overall health.

Your overall health is among the priorities connected to providing personalized hearing care at Auditory and Vestibular Institute of New England, which is why we make advanced hearing technology solutions like Oticon REAL available to you.

Click here if you have a question or would like to learn more about the advanced-technology hearing solutions we have available.

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