Genesis AI hearing aids are designed to mimic the cerebral cortex of your brain in order to quickly and accurately ‘fill in’ the gaps when your hearing is impaired.

Starkey Leads the Way in Delivering Hearing Aid Solutions With AI Technology

by | Aug 11, 2023 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

“Genesis AI hearing aids are designed to mimic the cerebral cortex of your brain in order to quickly and accurately ‘fill in’ the gaps when your hearing is impaired.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) is among the hottest topics in all sectors of society today.

What impact is AI having on hearing aid technology?

Starkey, the only major all-American hearing aid manufacturer, is the place to turn in order to answer questions about state-of-the-art and future advancements of artificial intelligence in hearing aid technology.

Come with us to take a closer look at Starkey as the world leader in delivering hearing aids with AI technology and zoom in on the most advanced product available to you to date.

Award-Winning Innovation From Starkey Since 2009

Starkey has won multiple innovation awards every year since 2009. Each of their innovations brought them a step closer to becoming the world’s leader in AI technology in hearing aids.

The company’s obsession with incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence innovations into their hearing aids first became evident in 2018 with the release of Livio AI.

Livio AI was built on the foundation of technological innovations like:

Muse iQ (2017)

Muse iQ (2017)—pristine audio and exceptional listening clarity with more natural speech sound and enhanced clarity in every listening environment

Muse, Halo 2, and SoundLens Synergy (2016)

Muse, Halo 2, and SoundLens Synergy (2016)—the Synergy platform featured quad core twin compressor technology, which enhanced precision for audibility and sound optimization for listening enjoyment

Halo (2014)

Halo (2014)—a breakthrough in seamless connectivity between hearing aids and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, making it possible to stream phone calls, music, videos, and more directly into your ears

Livio AI was the world’s first hearing aid with integrated motion sensors to track activity and provide fall detection and near real-time language translation. It also featured superior noise reduction technology and smartphone connectivity.

On the heels of Livio AI came Livio Edge AI, which featured the most advanced AI engine possible, using the world’s first 2.4 GHz custom rechargeable hearing aids. Edge Mode allowed for instant adjustments in challenging listening environments with just a double tap, and ThriveCare was the world’s first app allowing caregivers to monitor health information shared by Livio Edge AI hearing aid wearers.

Introduced in 2021, Evolv AI included integrated sensors that seamlessly connect and adapt with your life while also enhancing fall detection and various other ease-of-use features. Starkey’s 2022 upgrade of Evolv AI improved connectivity with Android devices and delivered seamless streaming for TV shows, music, and conversations.

The 2023 launch of Genesis AI marks a new beginning for the hearing industry, delivering the only hearing technology system to feature an all-new processor, all-new sound, all-new design, all-new fitting software, and an all-new hearing experience.

Though five years doesn’t seem like a long time, in the field of AI it’s the equivalent of decades of innovation in other industries.

Starkey hearing aids

Features and Benefits of Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids

Genesis AI hearing aids are designed to mimic the cerebral cortex of your brain in order to quickly and accurately “fill in” the gaps when your hearing is impaired.

How quickly does it fill in those gaps?

Built around the Starkey Neuro Processor chip, Genesis AI has sophisticated algorithms with the capacity to help with speech understanding four times faster than the previous generation processor.

This innovative chip has five times more computational memory and 10 times more non-volatile memory, while consuming 50 percent less battery power when providing similar computational processing.

What do these innovations mean for you as a hearing aid wearer?

Improved Sound Clarity

Though most people think of amplification when they think of hearing aids, sound clarity is the true objective. Thanks to the processing power of Genesis AI hearing aids, improved sound clarity makes it possible to:

  • More naturally distinguish words and speech
  • Hear soft sounds without being overwhelmed by surrounding noise
  • Decrease the amount of effort necessary to hear, reducing listening fatigue

More Comfortable

In addition to research into AI processing, Starkey has meticulously worked toward developing hearing aids that better fit the contours of your ears for a snug, more comfortable fit. Along with being more comfortable, Genesis AI hearing aids fit so well they are barely noticeable to those around you.


All-day use from an overnight charge is among the user-friendly benefits of rechargeable styles. Because of their built-tough durability, which includes eight distinct points of protection, Genesis AI hearing aids repel moisture, survive drops, and take what life dishes out.

Versatile Connectivity

Pioneers in connectivity innovations, Starkey has upgraded the level of versatility that comes with their connectivity features. With their easy-to-use My Starkey app you’ll be able to elevate your using:

  • Personal “tweaks” to improve your listening profile. This feature also accommodates individuals with tinnitus and sound sensitivity, allowing you to control the volume of the sound generator for each ear individually.
  • Edge Mode+ to optimize sound quality even in the most demanding listening environments
  • Personal health monitoring, which uses data gathered from your ears to accurately count steps, track engagement, and help you meet health and wellness goals.
  • Fall detection to alert family or friends of a fall so you can get the help you need quickly.
  • Binaural streaming for direct streaming of calls, music, and more in both hearing aids for a more true-to-life listening experience.

Style Options

You’re not limited to the traditional behind-the-ear (BTE) style hearing aid with Genesis AI hearing aids. In fact, it’s not even among the style choices. The style choices available include receiver-in-canal (RIC), full-shell in-the-ear (ITE), in-the-canal (ITC), completely-in-canal (CIC), and invisible-in-canal (IIC), the industry’s smallest hearing aid with the capacity to connect wirelessly to a smart phone and other Bluetooth devices.

You Have Access to Starkey Hearing Aids at AVI New England

“I have been using Starkey hearing aids such as Livio, Livio AI, Evolv AI, and the just-released new line of hearing aids, Genesis AI,” says Dr. Bauman. “Starkey is an old, well-established hearing aid manufacturer with a long tradition of striving for the best in the hearing aid industry.”

If you’re looking for innovative solutions with the cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology of Starkey’s advance hearing aids, you will find these hearing instruments, as well as the ongoing hearing care support of the team, at Auditory and Vestibular Institute of New England.

Click here to find answers to your questions or to learn more about the advanced-technology hearing aids available at the clinic nearest you.

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