Tele Audiology


No Contact, Expert Hearing Care Through Tele Audiology

Attending an in-office hearing care appointment is not always simple due to scheduling issues, travel problems, or the challenge of finding someone to care for dependents.

In addition, self-isolation, social distancing protocols, and various health concerns related to COVID-19 have made tele-audiology a viable, no-contact solution for ongoing hearing care.

Elderly couple talking to audiologist via tele audiology

What Is Tele Audiology?

Tele Audiology makes use of teleconferencing technology in order for patients to connect to their audiologists. Using the video camera on your Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop and an internet connection, you can connect to your hearing care provider for a face-to-face consultation without having to come in for an office visit.

Though tele-audiology became a preferred means of no-contact consultations during the pandemic, it continues to provide a viable alternative for our patients who need a hearing care consultation but cannot attend an in-office appointment due to any number of unavoidable challenges.

Happy elderly couple during a tele audiology appointment

Five Easy Steps Of A Tele Audiology Appointment

Scheduling a tele-audiology appointment is as easy as setting up an in-office appointment. There are five steps involved in the tele-audiology consultation process:

#1 – Contact Us Using Our “Schedule A Tele Audiology Appointment” Form

After providing the requested information and submitting the form, an AVI New England patient care specialist will contact you to help set a date and time for your appointment.

#2 – Your Confirmation Email

After settling on a date and time, we’ll send you a confirmation email. Within this email is your appointment confirmation along with critical information regarding the setup and testing of the camera and microphone on your device, and a link you will use to connect to your audiologist for your appointment.

#3 – Connect With Your Care Provider

When the day and time for your appointment arrive, you will click on the link provided in the confirmation email for a live, face-to-face consultation with your care provider using tele conferencing.

#4 – Our No-Obligation, Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation for potential patients provides them with an opportunity to ask questions, discuss their concerns about hearing loss, hearing tests, hearing aids, etc. Your care provider will answer your questions and concerns and recommend the best suitable hearing solution.

#5 – Support for Existing Patients

Existing patients can take advantage of our tele-audiology consultations for face-to-face device troubleshooting, remote device programming assistance or to have your questions answered by your hearing care provider with the same level of concern and expertise you receive during in-office appointments.

Happy elderly couple during a tele audiology appointment

AVI New England Invites You to Take Advantage of Tele Audiology

Regardless of whether you are a new or an existing patient, our tele-audiology service is a convenient way we continue to provide hearing services to our community as an alternative solution to meet your rapidly changing hearing health needs.

Take advantage of our no-contact alternative regardless of the circumstances that make an in-office appointment unworkable or inconvenient. Simply fill out and submit our “Schedule a Tele Audiology Appointment” form to set up your appointment.