Irene Sahinovic

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Irene Sahinovic

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Irene is a hearing instrument specialist who is based at AVI’s Norwalk location. She has served patients in Western Connecticut for the past five years. In addition to being fully certified, Irene is a member of the International Hearing Society.

She completed her BBA in International Management at Pace University in New York in 1986. Following a successful career, Irene decided put further work aspirations on hold and focus primarily on raising her four children instead. With her family now all grown up, she desired to return to work in an environment where she could make a difference to people’s lives.

Irene’s personal experience with tinnitus and hearing aids inspired her to pursue a new career within the audiology field. Her tinnitus had interfered with her sleep and daily life for so long, but once Irene sought treatment and was prescribed hearing aids, she discovered the positive effect her devices had on her ability to sleep and function in her daily routine. The impact on Irene’s quality of life was profound, and she wanted to help others experience the same positive benefits that hearing aids can deliver.

At AVI, Irene provides each of her patients with a caring and patient-focused approach. Her patience and determination to ensure positive outcomes makes her a much loved and valued member of the team by patients and co-workers alike. Irene particularly enjoys performing hearing tests on high school and college students while educating them about the impact hearing loss can have on one’s quality of life and the importance of protecting their hearing.

In her free time, Irene’s hobbies include reading, hiking, and traveling.

Dr. Bauman’s Endorsement of Irene Sahinovic

A few months ago, Irene joined the AVI practice after an extensive search for an individual who not only possessed a wealth of experience with various hearing aids, but also demonstrated a genuine passion, dedication, and compassion for working with the hearing impaired. The decision to bring Irene on board was unanimous, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Since joining our team, Irene has not only met but exceeded our high expectations. Her most significant contribution to the field of audiology is her remarkable attitude towards her patients. Irene sees each individual not as merely someone with “bad ears,” but as a person who deserves the best possible care to help them regain their sense of self and improve their quality of life.

Her dedication to this cause is evident in the way she engages both her intellect and her heart to fulfill her patients’ expectations.

Irene’s professional skills in utilizing all the necessary tools and technology available to her are truly exceptional. Having had the opportunity to travel across the country and visit numerous practices and practitioners with various skills and personalities, I can confidently say that Irene ranks among the best.

At AVI New England, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have Irene as a part of our team. We wholeheartedly appreciate her contributions to the practice and look forward to her continued success in providing exceptional care to our patients.

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