Paula Marie Jensen

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Paula Marie Jensen

Originally from New York, Paula relocated to Connecticut with her husband and two children 17 years ago.

Graduating from Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY with a bachelor of science degree in accounting and computer information systems, she was eager to find a role that challenged her.

Paula brings a vast amount of experience to the team and is always looking to improve and refine her work. Prior to AVI New England, she worked in the consumer electronics industry for 18 years as a director of accounting for JVC. After leaving JVC she worked as a consultant for various organizations including PepsiCo and Panasonic.

Shortly after moving to CT, she joined the hearing aid industry where she worked as vice president of administration for Vivatone Hearing Systems. It was at Vivatone where she was introduced to Dr. Bauman “the inventor” of the Vivatone hearing aid and realized her entrepreneurial spirit and passion to help others.

In addition to being “the inventor”, Dr. Bauman had a thriving practice, Hearing Balance and Speech Center. After Vivatone, Paula joined Hearing Balance and Speech Center to help with the marketing and managing of the practice by taking on the role of director of operations. Fast forward to 2021, she formed AVI New England with Dr. Bauman.

At AVI, Paula is able to fulfill her dream of being a business owner and helping others.

While there are many aspects she loves about her role, her favorite part is that she is involved with everything and everyone.

Knowing that she is providing a service that enriches people’s lives is incredibly satisfying.

Paula is a member of the board of directors of the Tinnitus Practitioners Association and a member of the board of finance for Oxford, CT.

Outside of the office, she enjoys being around people, spending time with family and friends, traveling, listening to music, and volunteering to help others.

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